Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Makes This Writing Retreat DIfferent From All Other Retreats? Many Things ~

What makes Poets on the Coast different from any other writing retreat you might attend?

1. We will provide gourmet chocolate to inspire you.
2. The sound and scent and sight of the ocean will infuse your dreams with new poems (we expect).
3. You will have a private time to discuss your writing with Susan or Kelli at no extra charge.
4. There are two cats on the property to keep you company (or you can close your door).
5. As poets, we have been on many different retreats and given hundreds of workshops, but this is the first one we've actually designed. We are invested in making this an amazing weekend for everyone.
6. The weather on the Oregon Coast in early September is magical.
7. The breakfasts served (included with your room) are legion for style and size.
8. Optional morning yoga relaxation will be available to you from one of our participants (free).
9. Our group is diverse in age, geography, ethnicity... All women welcome regardless of genre.
10. And did we mention the dinners? Food, laughter, and lots of writing. What could be better?

Register by May 31st to receive a free copy of Crab Creek Review and a $50 discount!

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  1. This event has everything a writing retreat could possibly offer: the attention of experienced writers, the relaxing setting for opening up the mind, and those pleasures we all enjoy (chocolate, the company of cats, the sound of the ocean) when entering a creative space. I wish I could be there this year ... hope you do it again next year!