Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introducing the Jack Straw Writers - Hear Them This Friday @ 7pm

This September I was thinking about the fact that I am no longer a "young" writer, nor am I an "emerging" writer now that book three is out in the world. Somehow I've become a writer that is in a postion to help mentor other writers. Maybe we are all mentoring each other? I think so.

So when Joan Rabinowitz of Jack Straw Productions contacted me to curate this year's Jack Straw Writing Program it seemed the perfect opportunity to work with a group of writers. These writers (some with books, some not-yet published, some who are publishing books in 2011 for the first time ) were a delight to read (chosen from about one hundred writers) and great fun to get to know.

 Poets, fiction writers, memoir writers and non-fiction writers --- these men and women have more in common than I realized at first. Many of these writers are global travelers concerned with issues of immigration and migration of both people and goods; other writers tell of their own lives: a doctor concerned with women's health, a woman magician in a man's world, a former nun. Come to Jack Straw 7:00 pm this Friday, May 6th and you will hear Harold Taw, Nora Wendl, Ann Teplick and Maritess Zurbano. The Jack Straw Writers Program is celebrating its 15th birthday; come be part of the festivities. $5 suggested donation gets you a copy of this year's anthology and refreshments.

What is Jack Straw Writers Program? How can I apply to be a Jack Straw Fellow? All information on the Jack Straw Writers Program is available to you right here.

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