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April 19, 2011
Speaker: Susan Rich
Title: Ecstatic Poetry: Non-Religious Poems Lifting Us Beyond the Everyday
Poetry is the sushi and sashimi, the sweet potato pie and sugar snap peas, the burger and fries of many people's daily experience. Come listen to the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop, Linda Pastan, and Rainier Maria Rilke; learn of new ways to incorporate poetry into our everyday lives. How do we lift ourselves into the world of poetry? Come see.
Susan Rich is the author of three collections of poetry: The Alchemist's Kitchen, Cures Include Travel,and The Cartographer's Tongue. She has received awards from PEN USA, The Times Literary Supplement, and Peace Corps Writers. Her honors include an Artist Trust Fellowship and a Fulbright Fellowship in South Africa. She has worked as a staff person for Amnesty International, an electoral supervisor in Bosnia Herzegovina, and a human rights trainer in Gaza and the West Bank. She lived in the Republic of Niger as a Peace Corps volunteer, later moving to South Africa to teach at the University of Cape Town.


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