I'd Like to Thank Our Other Sponsor: The Poetry Society of America and Alice Quinn

Alice Quinn has been a personal goddess of mine since she wrote to me seventeen years ago telling me that my poem "Haiti" had caught her attention. I was a new poet and had no idea that this was a big deal - to get a letter from an editor, the editor of The New Yorker, no less. I still have that letter and tonight I get to meet the woman who gave me confidence to keep going. Thank you, Alice! Alice Quinn is also the author of Elizabeth Bishop: Edgar Allen Poe and the Juke Box. Here she is on Charlie Rose talking about my all time favorite poet, Elizabeth Bishop. Ms. Quinn is now President of the Poetry Society of America.
Come see her in Seattle tonight! Doors open at 7:00pm.


  1. Receiving that letter must have been sweet. How lovely that you now get to meet its sender.

    Btw, the Michigan Quarterly Review blog is featuring Bishop's Brazil, January 1, 1502 poem along with a bit of explication by Gray Jacobik:

  2. Lovely story! Wish this was something I could attend!

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