A New Press on the Block: Welcome to Ashland Creek Press!

Ashland Creek in Ashland, Oregon

This just in! My friend and fiction writer, Midge Raymond author of Forgetting English has just co-founded Ashland Creek Press which will publish a large range of books from short stories, to eco-literature, to travel literature. You might recognize Midge from the book trailer she did "We Need to Talk to You About Your Amazon Numbers" which went viral all over the web last fall. I know that this new venture will be a success. There's a frequently asked questions page that will tell you all the nuts and bolts. Congratulations to Midge and John.

Welcome to Ashland Creek Press

Ashland Creek Press is a small, independent publisher of books with a world view. From travel stories to eco-literature, our mission is to publish a range of books, as well as short stories and articles, that foster an appreciation for worlds outside our own, the animal kingdom, and the ways in which we all connect.
We are currently accepting submissions; please click here for more information.


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