What a Great Day for a Ferry Ride and Some Poems: Come Out Today

It's a warm and soon-to-be sunny Sunday! Please join me on a relaxing boat ride to Eagle Harbor, home of the famous Eagle Harbor Books where Lana Hechtman Ayers, Kelli Russell Agodon, and I will be reading from our new books this afternoon! The reading is at 3:00 PM so you can walk on the 2:00 PM ferry and walk up to town in the nick of time. See you there -


  1. What an incredible scene!

    Have a wonderful reading.

  2. Susan, there is something that is quite attractive about that invite besides the poetry. Being in the Midwest the idea of taking a ferry someplace is not only foreign to me but a little quixotic of sorts; at least compared to getting on Interstate here and driving into the city for an event. Anyway... it's way too far away for me, but hope you have a wonderful reading with lots of apprecative listeners. Meanwhile I'll keep that ferry ride image working in my mind.

  3. Hi Michael,
    I understand your attraction. I grew ip in Boston where a ferry might take you on holiday to Martha's Vineyard if you were lucky or rich, but it wasn't part of everyday life as it is for many folks here. We have the largest state ferry system outside Alaska!


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