Thinking about Teaching: Week Two of the Quarter

Last Friday night I hosted three of my former students at my house for dinner. It was a great way to begin the quarter because it reminded me how amazing the teacher - student relationship can be. The students who came to my house for dinner have now graduated from the community college where I teach and are off on their own pursuits; they are in every sense of the word, amazing. Sometimes, at the beginning of the quarter (we are at the beginning of week two) it is tricky to remember how far people can come in ten weeks. And perhaps, how far I can travel as well.

Here are some things I try to remember as I begin Winter Quarter.

1. Trust that everyone is  trying to do their best. 

2. Let students know that I want them to succeed.

3. When a student is rude, don't take it personally; he (or she) is having a bad day.

4. Be  pleasant even when explaining the same directions for the fourth time.


  1. Great post, Susan. I'm with you on 1-3, but boy that #4...I need to work on that one! :)

  2. Oh Sandy, I didn't say I succeed with #4, only that I really try. I have to confess I don't often succeed so I ask another student in the class in as even a tone as I can manage if someone can help the student and hope that I am building community in doing so.


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