Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Small Side Business Question - Holiday Gift Ideas?

Yesterday I casually mentioned that I have a small side business sending poems out into the world. I know several  poets who would rather scrub floors than take on the job of sorting through their poems and organizing packets to different journals. Since I find this process more playful than stress provoking, I have started taking on clients who want to leave the posting to me.

Briefly, here is what I do. A poet sends me 15-18 poems that she or he thinks are done - or might be done.  I organize the poems into packets of 3-5 and then choose the journals that I think will be most interested in the work.  I get the envelopes ready (stamps included!) and also do line edits of the poems -- if the poet wants my two cents. I offer a model cover letter from my own files and my knowledge of different editors' tastes -- limited as my knowledge might be. I've had pretty good results getting poems placed for people. Because I only take on a very limited amount of clients, I find the process fun and I love hearing good news when the poems are picked up.

If you are interested in talking with me directly about this, just click here.

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