Sunday, November 28, 2010

It Began Innocently Enough ~ The Best Book(s) Trailer Ever

This dual purpose book trailer is a joy to watch whether you are interested in book trailers or not. My good friend Midge Raymond is here with her author husband lamenting the meaning(s) of Amazon rankings. It plays to me like a short story by Saki. Since Midge is an excellent short story author, it seems a fair comparison. I hope you enjoy it.

I have yet to enter the world of book trailers, but this one makes me curious about what works and what doesn't. My sense is: this is just plain funny and entertaining no matter whether you decide to buy Forgetting English or  The Tourist Trail or not. It resembles a good comedy sketch -- I can imagine it on the old SNL and that it's worth aside from book promotion is what makes it successful.

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  1. Kelli showed this today, too. I enjoyed the fun the two had with the idea. I've seen some very good book trailers and some not so hot. Their appeal (to me) is as another means to communicating with prospective readers.