Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Porter Square Books in Porter Square @ 7 PM Wednesday night with January O'Neil

Yes, I know this is Harvard Square, not Porter Square -- I haven't been gone that long! It's true when the taxi driver asked me if he should take exit 19 or exit 28 -- I had no idea what he was talking about. I think he knew that, too. In any case, I am happy to be back "home" even if home is now Seattle and not Boston. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, some from elementary school tomorrow night and meeting new folks. It's been five years since my last visit and so reading tomorrow night at 7 pm with January O'Neil is just one of the pleasures these next three days hold.

I'm sill mentally back in San Diego where I had a superb time. Maybe I should travel more often ...

There is much more to say about notions of home and travel, but not tonight. For now, glad to be satiated with lentil soup, red wine, and tea. I am thankful for the most wonderful of friends.