Monday, November 8, 2010

Festivities at the Frye: A Success (I think)

Kelli and I at the Frye

Allen Braden, me, Kelli Agodon, and Oliver de la Paz

I am happy that our event went well yesterday. Over 50 people came out to the Frye Art Museum to celebrate the collaboration of poetry and painting. Our audience seemed to enjoy the event -- many people (whom I didn't know!) came up to talk with me afterwards and thank me for putting the day together. The art pieces were set on a loop for people to look at as they came into the auditorium and each poet spoke about their connection to their piece. Best of all, thanks to a GAP grant from Artist Trust, each poet was paid for her or his commission and every audience member could enjoy refreshments and poetry swag. With gracious permission from the museum, two of the poems were produced on postcards along with their paintings. We even had gorgeous flower arrangements.

I can't say enough good things about working with the Frye Art Museum --- or with these wonderful poets. I'm tired today, but happy with how things turned out.


  1. Susan, this seems like such a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing. I plan to copy you and organize and event like this here in Little Rock. Wish I could have been in Seattle!

  2. Sandy,

    Feel free to copy -- Maybe we can make it nationwide and call it "What If the Muse Returned to the Museum" I spoke on the word museum -- muse -- the muses -- the muse ... and so on!

  3. Susan, it was a fabulous event which I enjoyed every minute of. I loved how you organized the event and tended to every detail, down to free postcard "swag" and delish cookies for all. Can I pitch a facsimile to SAM?!!? Ha ha, only if you agree to read with me.

  4. Hello Marty,

    I would be honored to read with you at SAM! And thrilled to teach you everything I learned doing this event... People love poetry and the visual arts together. This all builds on the book Mary Jane Knecht and Rebecca Brown did called Looking Together which Oliver held up yesterday! Let me know if you want to talk more about the idea...