Monday, October 18, 2010

"Paradise Now" at Highline Community College on NPR / KUOW

My poem "Paradise Now" at Highline Community College airs today on KUOW the University of Washington - Seattle affiliate of NPR.Thank you, Elizabeth Austen.

Here is the link, if you want to listen. It strikes me that just seeing "Community College" in the title of a poem is a rarity -- never mind poems about teaching students. This seems odd to me as so many writers are also teachers. I know the famous Theodore Roethke poem for his student, Jane --- but after that, my mind goes blank. Are there other poems about the relationship of teacher to student that I am forgetting? It's a subject that I return to often. I've been teaching at Highline Community College for eleven years. Eleven! That's by far the longest time I've done anything in my life.

And on another note: if you are looking for a poem on punctuation - check out Garrison Keiler's reading of Elizabeth Austen's poem, "On Punctuation." It is not only an excellent poem, it's also a great teaching tool. Best of all, it's quite funny.

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