Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If I Ever Mistake You For A Poem: Kelli Agodon at Poetry Daily Today

How great to read a fabulous poem and see a friend at Poetry Daily. Starting at midnight and for 23 more hours, Kelli Russell Agodon's poem, "If I Ever Mistake You For a Poem" is up at Poetry Daily. The poem is from her new book, Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room. I just started reading my copy and am impressed once again by the scope and heart of these poems.  Congratulations, Kelli!


  1. It's a great poem and it will stay there longer than 24 hours too! It will always be visible at the web address you have linked to.

  2. Thanks, Susan! And I love your heart image with the stethoscope! very cool!

  3. Such a delightful poem.

    I look forward to reading the collection.