Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bridging the GAP: Thank You Artists Trust

Yesterday, Artist Trust announced the 66 artists in Washington State receiving funding for a project involving literary, performing, or media arts. In my case, this means that I can actually pay poets and provide refreshment for Taboo Against the Word Beauty: 4 Local Poets Present New Work. This takes place 2:00 PM, Sunday, November 7th at the Frye Art Museum. Poets include Allen Braden, Oliver de la Paz, and Kelli Russell Agodon.

 I also want to congratulate the other Washington State poets who were GAP recipients including: Elizabeth Austen, Nance Van Winkel,  and Frances McCue. As poets we cannot sell "original" art work in the way that painters can, we rarely get paid for performances in the way that musicians do, and so arts funding seems all the more imperative for us. I just heard yesterday that President Obama has declared October the month of Arts and Humanities. May this be just the beginning!

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