The Writer Wanderer: Mary Morris Goes to Morroco

I first saw Mary Morris read in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was having a good time, you could tell. I had never been to a reading where the author was so prescient, so engaged with her audience, so alive. I was there because I had loved her book, Nothing to Declare, about a woman living alone in Mexico for a year. This was travel writing with an enormous difference because the focus was on Morris's interior journey as well as her location.

I've just discovered that Morris has a blog called The Writer and the Wanderer and that she is headed to Morocco, the country I most want to visit next. It has taken her a few tries to get there and so I am optimistic that I will make the journey someday, too. Meanwhile, I have found a wonderful link to her ideas and her travels. When I started this blog I promised to focus on the traveling life as well as the  writing life of a poet. I've been neglectful. This next year I will be traveling a good deal and so I'm looking forward to my poet-wanderer self re-emerging.

Meanwhile, may you enjoy the intelligence and beautiful prose of Morris's blog. And if the opportunity comes your way, I highly recommend seeing her read. And if you have favorite travel blogs, I would love to hear about them. Any would be great, but especially for Mexico, where I will be teaching in January.


  1. Her book sounds great AND my library actually has it!
    Thanks for setting me up with a good read, Susan!

  2. Carol, I think you will really enjoy it. I've read it several times!


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