Opportunities and Events and Celebrations: Literarily Speaking

Kelli Russell Agodon's book Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room is out in the world and you can order an autographed copy from her by going to her website right here. I've read many of the poems and can't wait to get my own copy to have and to hold. I'll be holding a virtual party for her right here very soon -- I hope you will stop by.

And in other news: Jack Straw Writers Program

The Jack Straw Writers Program is accepting applications now until November 1st. If you are accepted into the program you will become part of a community of poets, fiction writers, and others who will learn about recording your work, handling interviews, reading at different venues and getting a chance to be on KUOW, the Seattle NPR affiliate.  Every writer I know in the greater Seattle area has been a Jack Straw Writer; my time was in 2004. It's a program for writers just starting to publish and those who have been publishing for awhile. The mixing of genres, cultures and ages is one of the things that makes this opportunity so dynamic. If you know a writer interested in creating community, learning about performance, and getting published send them to the Jack Straw website right here.

And last but not least, I am reading at Pilot Books in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood this coming Thursday @ 7:00 PM, September 23rd. If you haven't visited this little bookstore, this is your chance. It's not like any bookstore in the United States that I've visited and instead it reminds me of Eastern European bookshops in Slovenia and Bosnia where you know the shop is a labor of love -- and a chance for the employee (or more likely, the owner) to have employment where they can read on the job. Pictured here is Summer Robinson, the owner of Pilot Books. Another thing that makes this "pilot" project so interesting is that you will only find books here by independent publishers: Random House and McGraw Hill need not apply. There is also an emphasis on local writers -- as well as unannounced visits by national and international stars. Please come out and support this very cool space.

219 East Broadway in the Alley Building is the exact address.


  1. Wish I could come the Pilot Books reading. Andy is taking my birthday off and has some surprises for me but I don't think they include a reading It will be wonderful.

    All best, Lana

  2. Thanks, Lana,
    Have a fantastic birthday celebration. I want to hear all about it -- once you know where you've gone ~


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