Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Writing Life: Another Andy Warhol Connection

Every month my friend Kelli Russell Agodon and I meet for a day of poetry, food, and creativity. Sometimes we visit museums --- as we did yesterday. The Andy Warhol exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum includes a photomaton. Museum goers are encouraged to have their photo taken and add it to the exhibit. Every week the museum will add the photos to their on-line collection posted on Facebook. The exhibit (in fact, the museum) employs many large screen videos --- and also has an "Italian Room" with porcelain and glass --- complete with a guide of "How to Enjoy the Italian Room." It's a museum with a little something for everyone --- a bit postmodern, a bit fun. It's a good place to write.

I picked Kelli up from the ferry at 9:20 AM (early for us for a Saturday) and dropped her off at the same dock in time for her 10:00 PM boat. In-between we shared poems we were working on at the Cherry Street Coffee House, wandered the art museum with our pencils and iphones for inspiration, ate an amazing meal at Fresh and brainstormed ideas for how to caretake our new books into the world. Eventually, we made our way through West Seattle's best bakeries and then back to my house to write in the House of Sky for a few hours. 12 hours flashed by.

A few things I love about our writing dates ~ which we have been doing for several years.

A great deal of fun is involved. We laugh a good deal and talk about 100 different topics from our favorite poets to chocolate to the best foundation.

We give ourselves lots and lots of time. This is such a luxury when we both have busy lives. It makes me feel as if our writing dates exist out of time.

A little preparation goes a long ways. A few days before we meet we email about what is most on our minds. Do we need help with a poem in progress? Are we in need of a new poet to discover? Can we come with new writing prompts?

The main thing is friendship. Yes, we write, we eat, we play with Duende and Sarajevo, but most essential is how much we like each other. I always leave our days energized and happy.

We mix-it up. (I've just learned Kelli does not like the word "up"). Sometimes it's a visit to a museum, sometimes it's a long walk along the Sound. Mexican chicken salad or homemade humus. Although our days always start with coffee, we alternate the other elements -- always fitting in writing and eating -- usually not in that order.


  1. I think this image could be a book cover-- I'm getting mighty fancy with my iPhone camera! Fun day! Was nice to see this up.

  2. I can't think of a more perfect day for a writer! (And I love that you are now part of the museum's exhibit...that is so cool.) I can't wait to read the poetry that the day inspired... :)