Friday, August 27, 2010

Mohamud at the Mosque on the Air and On the Internet

Thanks to Elizabeth Austen for resurrecting the recording of this poem at Elliott Bay Books four years ago; it will air today, Saturday and be repeated on Monday on KUOW, Seattle's NPR station. May it do some good to remind people of our collective humanity.Thank you, Elizabeth.

You can listen here 

To read "Mohamud at the Mosque" or repost it  --- click here

Susan Rich And 'Mohamud At The Mosque'

08/28/2010 ShareThis
Susan Rich's poems often draw on things she witnessed as a Peace Corps volunteer and human rights activist in faraway countries. In September 2001, however, one of her students at Highline Community College had an experience in Tukwila, Washington, that led Susan to write today's poem, "Mohamud at the Mosque." The poem appears in her 2006 collection, "Cures Include Travel" from White Pine Press.
Susan is the author of two other collections of poetry, "The Cartographer's Tongue: Poems of the World" (White Pine Press, 2000) and "The Alchemist's Kitchen" (White Pine Press, 2010). She teaches literature and film studies at Highline Community College. She was recorded at Elliott Bay Books September 7, 2006. The reading was a co–production with Hedgebrook.


  1. I'm so glad about this. Thank you.

  2. I enjoyed hearing you read this poem at the Elliott Bay Book Company the other night, and I like your "Naming It" (in Jaeger's huge *New Poetry of the American West* anthology) even more; that Shilshole one reminded me of a recent trip with friends to Deception Pass.

    Going back to our conversation about "fire" at the info counter after the reading, here's the Mark Doty/KUOW link I was trying to think of:

  3. Thanks so much, Geoff! I will listen to it!