Sunday, August 22, 2010

Local News @ Alki Arts - Artists in the Neighborhood Make Me Happy

I usually walk the beach each morning --- well that was the idea before Otis got sick. Tonight I caught the sunset --- all soft shades of pink and bright gold. The beauty pageant of clouds came straight from a children's book. Does this really happen each evening? Every time I take this walk I try to find something memorable --- last week it was a baby seal on the beach moving 20 ft over sand to reach the Sound. Tonight, my discovery was more urban.

A beautiful art gallery, Alki Arts, has opened along Alki, on the same block as the Urban Market and Cactus. I met co-owner Diane Venti who runs the co-op with her partner, Tom Wyrick ~ both artists. Most  of the artists --- painters, sculptors, glass and metal artists are from the region ---  with one Chinese artist as the exception to the rule. According to the all-informative, West Seattle blog, the gallery is on a trial basis and wants to see how the summer goes before committing for the winter months. I spoke with Diane about partnering with the literary artists in the area and she was enthusiastic. It's a gorgeous gallery with many pieces I would buy in a heart beat if I were to come into some serious money. But the price range is set around $200 - $2,000 --- which seems very reasonable for the quality of the work. Between new restaurants, coffee houses, and now an art gallery --- West Seattle seems to be in the middle of an arts renaissance

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  1. I hope the new gallery makes it. We've lost so many in the downturn. I'll look forward to going back to the site when it's updated.