Sunday, July 4, 2010

"At Middle Life: A Romance" Many Thanks to Diane Lockward

Thanks to Diane Lockward I now have my very own pied-a-terre on youtube! Diane Lockward, as many of you know, is a poet with a brand new book, Temptation by Water which has just been published. She is also one of my internet wizards, learning new technologies and sharing her expertise with me --- I'm the last kid on the block to get a computer, a cell phone ... you get the --- paper-based --- picture.

And yes, you do hear a cat crying in the background. That's Sarajevo. I think she hates everything I write, but she might also just want to sing along. It's hard to know.

Happy Independence Day -- May you be independent of fear and false prophets. And, yes, have a few good things to eat.


  1. I've been enjoying reading your collection. It's great to hear you read of the poems. Thank you. And Happy 4th!

  2. I love this poem Susan. Its rhythm and sound are alluring the words themselves romantic.

    I love the name Sarajevo by the way, and I tend to think she's approving of this one. :)

  3. Maureen and Micheal, You've made my 4th! Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I think Sarajevo is really complaining that I spend too much time writing poetry and not all my time paying attention to her. When I am working on a poem and want to read it aloud, I need to whisper it or she comes running in and requests (loudly) that I stop. Maybe she wants to join in, but I have my doubts ...