Poems for a Quiet Morning - - - Finding the Way Home

Here are two poems from the anthology Finding the Way Home: Poems of Awakening and Transformation edited by Dennis Maloney of White Pine Press. The book is large in ideas, but small in physical size. Perfect for a summer trip. The collection includes poems from China, from Japan, and the United States. It spans a few centuries. In copying these poems out, I found wonderful information on Rengestu. A poet that (dare I admit) is new to me. Enjoy!

Mountains Falling Flowers

We accept the graceful falling
Of mountain cherry blossoms,
But it is much harder for us
To fall away from our own
Attachment to the world.

       -- Rengestu (translated by John Stevens)

Storm Deep in the Mountains

The roar awakens me from
A peaceful slumber
But then the fierce
Mountain wind blows away
All the dust in my heart.

     -- Rengestu (J.S.)


  1. Beautiful selections. Thank you.

  2. Lovely poems. So fresh. Thank you.
    I learnt of her hand-made pottery when I looked into the links between pottery and poetry. I was intrigued to find that she combined the two through inscribing lines of her poetry into the clay.

  3. I would love to write a poem about her. There should be a form for writing poems about other poets (not their poems). Maybe we should invent one?


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