Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mystery Solved Thanks to Loomful of Hues

Thank you to Jeanne Heifetz for solving the Verse Daily mystery! Using expert detective skills and a dash of common sense, Jeanne surmised that someone at Verse Daily might have confused the poet from the Saturday feature with Wesley McNair, Verse Daily's Sunday feature. Now why didn't I think of that? Thankfully, Wesley McNair is the author of  "Mistakes about Heaven" and thus I did order the right book. The bio connected with him belongs to Karyna McGlynn - the Saturday feature - who it turns out has a Seattle connection. Verse Daily has yet to issue a correction --- so it's fair to say, The Alchemist's Kitchen blog has broken the story. Ground breaking news reported here!

And should you be interested in gorgeous sculptures, hand-crafted rugs and wall hangings - take a look at my favorite detective's website, A Loomful of Hues --- Jeanne shows all over the east coast, but it looks like the west coast is on her itinerary for the fall. Thank you, Jeanne!


  1. Thanks for the scoop! And the beautiful hues!

  2. Kathleen, You are welcome! If you can get to one of the shows where Jeanne Heifetz shows her work you will be wowed even more. She's a poet of color and texture.