Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a Mystery (to me)

Sunday's poem on Verse Daily was titled "Mistakes About Heaven" by Wesley McNair. I love the poem so much that I ordered her / his book. And here begins the mystery. According to Verse Daily, Wesley McNair is a woman with only a couple of books out. According to everything else on the internet, Wesley McNair is a middle aged, bald man from New England with over a dozen books of poetry. Could there be two Wesley McNairs? Which one wrote the poem "Mistakes About Heaven"? Whose book did I order? Can you help solve the mystery?

Here is the first section of the poem. It gets better and better: Go to Verse Daily to read the rest.

1 .
Contrary to what is said,
longing exists there.
Imagine the soul as one
so involved with the music
as it played the game
of walking around the chairs,
it discovered too late
that it had no chair. Having lived
its only life in the body,
it sometimes misses
the walking and the sitting down
and above all, the music.


  1. Wesley McNair is a male poet who lives in Maine. You can infer from some of the titles of the books listed that this McNair is the author of the Verse Daily poem. My guess is that the bio belongs to another poet, a woman from Texas. How strange! I've met the real one at the Frost Place.

  2. Thanks for posting the wonderful poem, the link, and sending us on the Wesley McNair chase! How odd! I wonder what happened at Verse Daily, as it seems to affect more than one poem!

    Coincidentally, I expect to receive a Diane Lockward book in the mail from Amazon this week! It's been on my wishlist for a while!! Now it will be on my bookshelf!!

  3. Yes, the poem belongs to McNair, the bio to the Verse Daily poet from the day before. A friend saw this on Facebook and solved the mystery. I will post the story soon.