Humor Me - Adam Halbur New Poet of the Day


bridegroom of Earth, priest of
the prairie parish, paunchy
monk cloistered in dirt-
packed den, traveling
minister to the ditches
of daisies and black-eyed
Susans, saint of the interstate
sunned in all God’s glory,
martyr of the tractor trailer,
woodchuck and whistlepig,
humor us in this hour of need.

Adam Halbur

I cane across Halbur's name when looking at information on The Frost Place -- somewhere I have never been, bout would like to go someday. I didn't know the name of this year's resident so I decided to check out his work. This is what I found at Ahada Books.  I didn't expect to like it based on the title, but was utterly surprised by its mix of humor and pathos. One ongoing sentence provides a constant pressure to move on and emphasizes the last "humor us in our hour of need." A new poet to watch - is perhaps a groundhog of sorts, too.


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