Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anne Sexton Again ~ "I wouldn't want to have an orgasm right in front of you"

I've just been watching different youtube videos of Anne Sexton. Chilling. Like a beautiful accident. There is a series of her "Anne Sexton at Home" and I'm linking to part one. I forgot how sexual she appears - always. There's the dogs, a daughter, cigarettes and a Budweiser. The original desperate housewife. The timbre of her reading voice sounds identical to that of her contemporary, Adrienne Rich. In Anne Sexton at Home, part two she talks about sounding "royal" when she reads. In this segment she reads, "Wanting to Die."


  1. These videos are extraordinary. Sexton was a marvelous reader. Her words were the "beautiful accident" she left behind.

  2. If you're a Sexton fan, definitely go over to youtube and watch her videos. It strikes me again that she is the Marilyn Monroe of poetry. Captivating.