The Writer's Life: The Boys of May ~ Oliver and Allen

Tonight's reading with Allen Braden (top) and Oliver de la Paz (bottom) at Open Books in Seattle was a stellar double-header. These poets were engaging, humorous, and their poems evoked the pain and wonder of what it means to be alive in this world. There were jokes about life in small towns (Oliver) and about oblivion (Allen). Mostly, there were poems that I am now ready to delve into more deeply. I recommend both Reqiuem for the Orchard and A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood wholeheartedly.My photography skills, however, still leave much to be desired. Thank you to Allen and Oliver for a powerful evening of poetry and community. I am honored to call you friends.


  1. Wonderful! I read with Oliver (and Joseph O. Legaspi) last fall in San Francisco and it was delightful. Glad you enjoyed, Susan! Open Books is one of those "I long to read there one day" destinations...


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