Skagit River Poetry Festival - May 20-22nd

I love the Skagit River Poetry Festival. I love it years when I am presenting, like this year - and I love it perhaps even more, when I am a free floating participant. This year's star line-up includes Sherman Alexie, Elizabeth Austen, Terrance Hayes, Ted Kooser, and Robert Wrigley. This year there is a dinner Thursday night,  more workshops offered (how I wish I was free during the time Terrance Hayes is teaching) and more options for how much (or how little) of the festival you have time to take in. This will be the first festival without the wondrous Sekou Sundiata -- and I already miss him...

My first year living in Seattle, I found my way to this festival and have not missed one yet. The town of La Conner becomes a town filled with poetry from its churches to its museums, its community center and bed and breakfasts. Where else can a person sleep, eat, live and breathe poetry for a spring weekend? My favorite place to stay in town is Katy's Inn.  Hope to see you next weekend! It's a magical place and time.


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