Do-It-Yourself Book Tour ~ Virtually Speaking

I have been thinking lately about why, how, and if I would like to do a virtual book tour. Since I have had a blog for only six months, I'm still unsure about how all these new technologies translate into traditional readers who like to sit curled up with a book, a cat, and a cup of tea.

My imagination likes the idea that I could be "appearing" in London and the next day in Lahore. I love to travel, so why not virtually?

But what happens on a virtual book tour? I could create files of me reading a few poems, I could write about a poem from idea through its revisions, I could offer party favors (could I?) but what else is involved?

Have you taken your book on a virtual tour? Was it fun? I need your help on this one. Even if you haven't done a virtual book tour, I would love to hear your ideas on what would inspire you to be part of one. Maybe sometime over the next few months? A book stop in Boston or even Bosnia ...


  1. Susan,
    I'd love to take part in your virtual tour with an invitation for a blog interview. I offer 'Fast Chat Fridays' — short interviews with authors; and 'Writer Revealed" -- a longer interview format. I'm really enjoying your new book and would enjoy sharing it with others.

    On a related note, I'm looking for writing workshops and have posted a request for suggestions on my blog. Would love it if you would weigh-in.

    Let's talk more!

  2. Drew,
    Thank you! I would love to visit your site...

  3. Book stop in Boston? Absolutely.

    On my virtual blog tour, I had bloggers from around the globe chime in with reviews. Everyone found some aspect of the book to discuss. You can experiment and pick what works for you. Any combination of things (interviews, reviews, audio clips) might be fun.


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