Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Writer's Life: Spokane's GetLit! Festival

How not to love Spokane, a city where the garbage eating goat is a main tourist attraction? Gifted to the city by the Women's Association of Realtors in 1974, this goat sucks ice cream wrappers and greasy paper plates from children's hands: an object lesson in trash disposal. But this is only one of the odd and lovely gifts this city has to offer. More key to my weekend here has been the GetLit Festival organized by the amazing Dani Ringwald. I've thoroughly enjoyed the different writers I've heard such as Greg Dunne, Timothy Kelly, and Jesse Walters. I'll miss breakfasts relaxing in the opulence of the Davenport Hotel Lobby and evening events at the Bing Crosby Theater (Spokane is the birthplace of Bing Crosby). Most of all, I'll miss the sense that I am here as my best self: a writer in the world.

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