Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Writers Life: Doing the Author Interview

Over the last three nights since returning from AWP, I've been working on interview questions sent to me by the fiction writer, Midge Raymond, for her blog Living the Writer's Life, at the Seattle PI. Tonight, minutes after I finished the last question and emailed it to Midge, she posted it and the interview is now live - right here if you want to take a look.

The new sense of time - internet style -- still leaves me in awe. If I were to write something for a print journal, the time from my desk to publication could easily be six months to a year. Maybe longer. And for me, this has been the year when I realize I'm now part of this new time zone. A few months ago an editor emailed me asking for poems. I was on-line so I sent some poems his way. Ten minutes later, I got an acceptance. My point is that even in the world of poetry, events are speeding up. I wonder, with some trepidation, what it means for the writing of poetry -- something that I don't believe should be hurried. But I digress ...


  1. Susan, I loved interviewing you! And also, I really love your story about getting an acceptance within ten minutes. How fun is that?

  2. Thanks, Midge -- I appreciated the opportunity to think about poetry, poets, and life in 2010. This AWP felt incredibly different, in part because of the social networking sites that allow writers to connect in new ways. In 2006, when my last book came out, I was happy to just have a web site!