Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writer in the World: Cultivate Poet Friends as in the Amazing Kelly Agodon

My dear friend, the stellar poet Kelli Russell Agodon (whose new book Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room won the White Pine Press Prize and will be out in October) took photographs of the lauch and the party so you can participate virtually in the day. Kelli also created a photo essay of the event over at her blog, Book of Kells - if you want to see more photos.

The top photo is my favorite one -- signing books in a sunny window. What could be better? The one with the quote from Charles Olson is at the reading itself at Open Books: A Poem Emporium. Kelli is one of the most generous and amazing poets I know. She encourages me to push for new experiences (like throwing balls at poetry readings -- my pitch only made it to about the fourth row) and she's genuinely excited to share in my good news. It is a karmic blessing that we have books coming out within six months of each other and that soon I can turn my attention to photographing her event. I only hope I can be as strong a poet friend for her as she continually is for me.


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  2. Ah, thank you! It was my pleasure to share in your lovely day! What a celebration of poetry! It was truly an incredible reading that everyone enjoyed! What more can you ask for on a sunny Sunday in April-- poetry, friends, AND cake! It doesn't get much better than that.

    Congrats to you on such a successful reading.