Friday, April 23, 2010

The Writer in the World: Broadsided Post-a-Thon This Weekend

I love the folks at Broadsided: Elizabeth Bradfield and Sean Hill -- among others. This weekend is their first ever Broadsided Post-a-Thon. To encourage you to download a broadside (there are over 50 to choose from) they are offering prizes in a number of cool categories. My favorite is -- a photo of someone reading a broadside or maybe "Editor's Choice" for a photo that defies categorization. This photo above seems destined only for the postman - unless the vector (that's the name for a person that posts broadsides in their town) entertains  a lot of daytime visitors.  It's such a San Francisco postbox isn't it? I'll be doing my own creative "vectorization" this weekend. Won't you join me?

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