Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Week's Poem: LineBreak

How to create the visual image of a line break? My blogging skills are such that I couldn't figure out how to capture the logo of the weekly journal LineBreak where my poem Letter to M is featured this week. Instead, I opted for the curve of a wave, the veins on a leaf, and a wing span across the sky --- and a microscope? To show the lines ever more clearly to the viewer.

I've had a crush on the on-line journal / email LineBreak for awhile --- for its simple idea, auditory addition, and clear visuals. What I didn't realize was how many friends would email me this morning that my poem appeared in their in-boxes. LineBreak gets around -- from Seattle to Little Rock. My favorite feature is hearing my poem read in another person's voice. I don't know David Shattuck, but I like his voice -- and I like the way he honors the poem by reading it as I'd hoped it would be read.

Thank you, LineBreak!


  1. Lovely poem. I didn't know about LineBreak. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Maureen - I really appreciate your comments and your support. I'm so thankful.