Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Book: A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood - by Allen Braden

Allen Braden's book has arrived and it's deserving of praise! Here's a favorite poem of mine. I admire how Allen's casual voice seduces me into thinking that poetry pulses from then pen to the page, but it's clear these are finely wrought poems, deserving of attention.

Taboo Against the Word Beauty, Epistolary Version Riding the Chicago Loop

Dear Kevin:

The elevated train's not called "El" but "l"
As in Lucky, Lonely, or Love. In a posh bar
Beauty kept reaching across her husband
To stroke my arm. They'd been married
long enough he didn't mind or notice.
No kidding about love on Dearborn either.
"Give them your heart, nt your wallet."
Seems everyone on the street has needs:
Spare change; sponsor a child, hold me.
One man shows me the scar on his face.
A knife fight in prison. He knows I have
Mercy. Anymore, he's that pane of glass
Detached from Walgreen's windowsill.
I look through it, then step around.

Allen Braden

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  1. that's a great poem. Thanks for sharing it and congrats to Allen!