Saturday, March 13, 2010

TriQuarterly - 45 Years!

Yes, the cover is beautiful in its art deco style; but it is also funereal. TriQuarterly will no longer be produced with paper and ink after this spring. This issue, which celebrates the journal's 45 years of publication, is also the last one by longtime editor Susan Firestone Hahn. By luck, fate, or happenstance, I have two poems included in this issue as does the short story writer Midge Raymond (whose book of short stories I reviewed here on 1 January). Poems by Rick Barot are another highlight of this issue --- as is the epigraph by Dr. Seuss. This is an issue worth holding on to.


  1. It's so sad to see this wonderful magazine end its life in print, and you're so right -- definitely an issue worth holding on to! I can't wait to dive further in ... fortunately, it's a double issue and nearly 500 pages, so we can savor it for a while. :)

  2. Thanks for this post, Susan. With every gain comes loss. The Internet has been a boon for poets and writers in many ways, but it has also displaced, and continues to displace, the analog experience of the printed word. It'll take me some years to adjust to the changeover...

  3. Hi Mari,
    I agree that there are opposing forces at work here. I just so hope that print journals and print books do not disappear over the next twenty years or so. Books as objects of art, as things you can curl up with and take into the woods -- may they not become extinct. When I moved to my neighborhood ten years ago there were foxes, but none are around now ...