Sunday, March 28, 2010

Escape Into Life

I love this photograph that the editors of Escape Into Life chose to accompany my poems. They've been kind enough to ask for a collection of poems from my new collection. It's strange, but seeing five of my poems together one after the other seems almost like overkill. Maybe it's similar to eating too much cake at the party. Better to keep a little behind, that way we leave wanting more. I like reading poems on line, but I tend to only need a taste of a writer. Call me old fashioned, but I need the smoothness of the cover, the curl of the page. And yet, and yet -- this linking photographs with poems does have a strong appeal. This is all to say: here are five poems from The Alchemist's Kitchen. Enjoy!


  1. Great spread. I love Woody Allen quote. I've heard it before and so identify with it. It makes for a great intro to this poem.

  2. Thanks, Michael. The Woody Allen quote is what jump started the poem. My only poem jump started by a quote. Glad you enjoyed it -- if that is the right word for a funeral poem!