Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Writer's Life - 10 Things to do with Rejection Slips

Thanks to the poet Martha Silano who wrote this list to cheer up a friend.

What to Do With Rejection Slips

1. Make paper airplane; aim for nearest recycling bin.
2. Hang on fridge with "You'll regret this" scrawled across it in red Sharpie.
3. Cut into tiny pieces; use as confetti the next time you write a great poem (i.e., tomorrow).
4. Cut up, along with photos of birds and flowers from magazines. Decoupage!
5. Paste it into your writing journal and draw a beautiful "frame' around it.  Cross out "we are sorry" and write "we are so very stupid."
6. Pin to dart board.
7. Shred; feed to worms.
8. When you have one hundred, cut in strips and fashion a paper chain to hang across your workroom ceiling.
9. When you have one thousand, kneel for the editor with the bleeding finger cut on your submission.
10. When you have ten thousand, self-publish.


  1. I enjoyed this post and your blog!

  2. Now that I send poems electronically, I just hit the delete button and expunge rejections. Very satisfying!

  3. Now I think I better write something that's more pro-editor ~ especially as I am a guest editor until July for the special Crab Creek Review ekphrasis issue!

  4. Hi Susan, thanks for the re-post. P.S. I pay The Editors respect in my two newer posts.