Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's Poem - from Ansie Baird, In Advance of All Parting, White Pine Press Poetry Prize

Nothing of You


Sometimes I pretend you have tumbled
off the edge of the Persian Gulf,
dropped like a pearl
to the bottom of the sea.

You glimmer, but the indifferent fish
swim on.

You are my exotic, my precious

I would have you hammered
into sheets of gold,
molded into a brooch
I could pin on my lapel.

See, I'd say. There he is.
Doesn't he shine?

Ansie Baird, In Advance of All Parting


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  2. was just in Talking Leaves and thought about stealing your new book but was overwhelmed with guilt feelings and put it back on the shelf. son of a bitch! I really am a Man at last.