Friday, January 29, 2010

The Writer's Life: Photographs, Mailing List, and a Newsflash ~

Another day, another coffee shop, and I have new bells and whistles on my website. I chose to use all photographs from early 20th Century Pacific Northwest photographers such as Imogen Cunningham, Lily White, and Myra Albert Wiggins. I've written several poems inspired by Myra Albert Wiggins' work, but not these other talented photographers, not yet.

Today I am fascinated with the different technologies we use to infuse our work with extra dimensions. These photographers were experimenting with the newest gadgets, chemicals, and papers to produce their work; I can't help but think these women would be pleased to see themselves in the ether world of the worldwide web.

Other than a few photographs, a mailing list, and a newsflash! My website remains the same. If anyone is interested, I am thinking of writing out some tips on how to think about the architecture of your writing life in the world of the web. And as always, happy to have your comments on what I've done ...


  1. Susan,

    I checked out your new website. It's so sophisticated. Love it! I am eager to hear anything you have to say about how writers can better use the web. With my new collections coming out, I could use help with whole notion of how to market and promote.

  2. " to think about the architecture of your writing life in the world of the web..." What an intriguing way to frame this. Looking forward to your tips! I find myself going back and forth when it comes to integrating writing with webbing. Sometimes I feel like blogging and web-siting is sucking the life force out of me, but - considering how fast our world is changing and how web-based so many things are, I think being tech savvy is almost imperative these days if you want to enhance your presence in the literary world.

  3. Hi Lana, Hi KC,

    I will try to think what, if any, tips I have. One thing I do know is that I didn't feel I could approach any writing festivals or centers until my website looked the way I wanted it. In that way, a website is a calling card and needs to not be eight years old if you want someone to believe your work is timely. And yes, the world is becoming more and more internet based. The positive side is that a friend in Ireland or Cote D'Ivoire can find my work. I feel like such a beginner but I am happy to share my beginner mind with you both! Let me give it some thought.