Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Writer's Life: The Curtain Rises on a 21st Century Website

I spent today with my wonderful friend Daniel as we worked seven hours straight on my new website. Once I finally decided on the background color and using the element of the clock from the cover art of The Alchemist's Kitchen, things started falling into place.

I think it is a fascinating project to try and make a website reflect personality. Anyone who knows me, knows blue is my favorite color -- so that part seemed easy -- in theory. But I also think of myself as relatively quiet - how to be quiet on a web page?

On the other hand, I always liked scrap books and photo albums as a kid. Remember autograph books where one could collect quotes and signatures from friends? I liked those, too. So maybe all a website really amounts to is a newfangled scrap book filled with pages of photographs, poems, resources, and a lovely shade of blue.

Daniel and I will meet again next week to add more photographs and a few other things. I would love to hear any and all comments, criticisms, praise, or questions. Let the curtain ascend!


  1. Hi Susan
    Just looked at yr new website--looks great!

    Change time on your It's About Time reading to 6 pm, not 7. We meet from 6-7:45.

    Congrats on all yr 21st-century electronic successes.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Your website looks great. Just noticed, though, on your "home" page that one of your books is mistitled "Curse" instead of "Cures" Include Travel. The blue is just right!

  3. Looks great. Title of The Working Poet is not quite correct--check the sub-title. Also not sure why you have bio and events on front page and then separate pages for those items.

  4. Lovely! Good work!

    I think you need to write a poem with the title "Curse Includes Travel" - I had never noticed that Cures was an anagram for that.

    I think it looks very clean and professional!

    My only suggestion would be to put a photo of you or something personal on the contact page.

  5. Thanks, Esther! I changed the time -- for "It's About Time" and thank you Carol, I need to get my web guy to change curses --- sort of funny, I stared at that knowing something looked off, but couldn't tell what ...