Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Rock Star Photo of My Writing Space

Since I likely will not get the time to write in this space today, I thought I would send one more glamor shot of my desk - which was a 1950's tiki bar. The furniture in the space was already in the garage-as-storage-space. One good aspect of not throwing things out .

I would love to hear from others who have also made the decision to create a designated writing space. One thought - does it make a difference if the space is not in your house? Could it make you write less if you have to go somewhere other than your kitchen table?


  1. Hi Susan,
    Since technology is a huge part of our lives, I find myself becoming a snob when it comes to a writing space. I've become so addicted to my computer that I often feel like people are judging me if I'm writing on a pad with pen. It reminds me of elementary school when the kids judged me for having Pro-wing sneakers from Payless instead of the fancy schmancy Reebok sneakers all the other kids had. Wow, a tangent, sorry. My writing space now consists of a desk from Staples, my nice Dell PC, a corner in a small room I share as a computer room with my partner, and my cat, Smitty, who, for some reason, needs to be on my desk whenever I'm working. I hope this wasn't too rambling an answer! p.s. I love the blog. I found you through Midge Raymond, a good friend of mine.

  2. Hi Sean,
    Nice to meet you! I agree that a computer is needed -- mine should be on the desk, but it messed up the glamor shot! I don't know if you can see the printer under the desk? I agree that I need a computer now for all except the first draft of the poem. I still love my writing notebook (same brand I have ordered from Canada for years) for ideas for poems and their inception. So glad you're enjoying my blog. It is still an infant - not even two months old.

  3. Sean: I wrote a check in public today and suddenly felt very self-conscious...

    Susan: I am experiencing acute writing space envy. But am very glad for your refuge...! It's lovely.

  4. Mari, only envy me if I get some time to actually be in the space. Maybe this weekend. Did you sign on for a rented space?

  5. Not yet, Susan... I've put my search on hiatus for a bit. But it's on my list!

  6. Hi Mari, keep looking -- the right place at the right price will appear; I just know it!