On Retreat ~ Please Write to Me!

Dear Reader,

I am leaving for a writing retreat and master class tomorrow morning. My blog is not yet a month old and I wonder if it will survive my time away  in the woods. As someone who is new to blogging and not 100% certain what she is doing here, I would love to hear any thoughts on what has been useful to you so far. I am determined that my blog needs to be much more than a self-reflection or self promotion tool. My goal is to create community. I need to hear from you how I am doing so far ...


  1. Hi Susan,
    I think this blog is working just great. I love what you've been writing about submissions, about rejections-- I submitted some poems to the broadside site, something I'd have never had gotten info about without this blog.
    So go, have a great time in the woods, write a bunch, and we'll be waiting when you get back!

  2. Dear Carol,
    Thank you so much for writing. Blogging is such a weird concept to me. I keep looking into the darkness and wondering if anyone is listening. Good luck with Broadsided - they are such a cool site.
    See you next week ~

  3. You are doing great. Wherever you take the site will come over time. I love what you have done so far.

  4. Hmm. I left a comment but don't know if it got eaten or is in moderation. Vexing.

  5. Thanks, Dana;

    I appreciate your comments.

  6. Susan, rest assured, you're right on track, for me anyway. It's been good to hear your perspective on submitting and rejections. The most helpful post so far was the one on applying to residencies. I've tried several in the past with no luck. Your post will help me tweak my process.

    Have a great retreat!

  7. Hey Susan! I think you're doing great. You might want to add more links to other blogs; generally, the more people you link to, the more link to you, and the more "google-able" the blog becomes.
    As far as speaking into the darkness - well, that's why you track your blog stats - I'm sure you're getting a ton of hits.
    And don't be afraid to talk about yourself and your upcoming book a little bit, too! I for one would be interested...
    Anyway, good work!

  8. Susan, you are doing just fine. You are being authentically Susan in all your Susanistic finery and that in itself will sail the blog right along. Be kind to your web-footed friends. Eat lots of fiber. Don't forget those who support you and don't be afraid to veer off poetry once in a while for a stand up comedy routine or a good old fashioned palm reading.

  9. Susan, you're doing great. My humble piece of advice: Don't apologize for blogging too much or too little. Many of us struggle with how often to blog and respond. It's your space. We're peeking through your window, so to speak.

    Eating fiber is good, too.

  10. Hi Susan--
    Since you seem curious about who's reading and from where, you might want to get a site meter, for free. That will let you know how many visitors each post gets and where the readers come from. I find that information interesting and useful. Also, it's fine to take a break, but you can do a post or two in advance and schedule it to post automatically while you're away. I still think your header is too big--notice that it doesn't fit the frame right. Since you have the cover posted here on the sidebar, how about just using a detail for the header? I agree with Jeannine that it's a good idea to expand your Blog Roll.


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