The Art of the Blog

I can't believe it. Here I am on my first serious foray into the blog world. Nine years ago, my friend and true visionary, Stephanie, asked me what I thought of the idea of an on-line journal. She knew I was a writer and wondered what I thought of this new concept. Blogging? Really dumb, I told her. Why write private thoughts for the world to read? Private writing, I am all for it. A public presence on a web page, a good idea so people can find you, but why mix the two together?

What can I say? The world proved me wrong. The question I now ask myself is: does the planet need another poet-blogger? What is my reason for being here when I could be writing poems or planning a trip to Tahiti? Writer friends who blog, Kelli, Midge, Diane, and Peter, tell me they appreciate the community, the exchange of ideas, and use blogging as a way to express ideas - without pressure.

So here goes. And one confession. I have been practicing the art of the blog over at Red Room - a community of writers. You can check out my post on the Elliot Bay Book Company by clicking here. The Bookstore that Changed My Life ~ Elliott Bay Book Company actually won the weekly blogger award. And so begins my tale ...


  1. Looks good! I've added you to my blogroll.

  2. Thanks, Linera,
    Now I just have to figure out what a blog roll is and where I can find one.

  3. Thanks, Rebeca,
    As Peter said, I am a tad late to the party. But you know, I always like to arrive at parties for the second round of partying!

  4. Welcome to blogging, Susan! It opens up a whole new world of procrastination and avoidance of the blank page. :)

  5. Welcome, Susan. I love the cover, and I look forward to the book. Yum all around.

  6. Thanks, Joannie, thanks, Jeannine!


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